RUA Assistance , a company that started with vehicular assistance services, and that from 2010 changed the focus of the business by incorporating assistance and the call center, in 2019 it will have a building of almost 1,000 m², where there will be a CoWork, 8 meeting rooms and more than 10 offices.

The new building allows us to go from 300 m², which we had at the previous headquarters, to 1,000 m², 8 meeting rooms, which includes a CoWork, more than 10 offices and common spaces.

The investment will be about US $ 250,000, and it allows us to accompany our growth, the incorporation of new clients and personnel.

The move goes hand in hand with a change of environment and image for our workers. The Uruguayan graffiti artist Galino was there doing the decoration of the offices and the Contract company, which made the design of the entire building, such as walls, glass and others.

We increasingly aim to provide technological solutions and that goes hand in hand with a transformation of technological services and solutions.

By having workers with an average age of 23 or 24, the bet is that they maintain their studies and work in a work environment that encourages them to attend.

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