2019 was a year of great changes and new opportunities for RUA Assistance Suppliers Department. We modernize the platform of our Operations Center, which provides monitoring and support to our suppliers during the provision of each assistance, allowing our operators to locate the closest supplier to our clients’ homes to optimize the arrival time and fulfillment of services and automating the task.

We generate new strategic alliances nationally and internationally. Providers of medical and relief services from abroad joined our portfolio. At the national level, suppliers and new items were incorporated such as: removals, fumigations in the home, personal care, gardening, appliance repair, home cleaning, car wash at home, dog grooming, among others.

We expanded our portfolio of security services starting with the alarm installation service, supporting Securitas.

We strengthened our health care network in Montevideo, generating a strategic alliance with SVA Traslados, expanding our network of Radio Doctors and Ambulance Transfers. In the interior of the country, we renew and expand our contract with the Cooperativa Odontológica Federadas del Interior – COFI, a network of more than 2,000 dentists throughout the interior of the country.

Nicolás Lorenzo – Suppliers Manager