We created Coopera, a «hub» to promote entrepreneurship inside and outside the company

The  technology  and  digital transformation  drive the  disruption  in  business , so the  companies  are challenged to rethink their work processes and how they approach their  customers . From this evolution, needs arise in organizations, eager to have innovative projects that in turn need support to develop.

The hub joins our companies’ ecosystem which includes various business verticals ( RUA Aid  ServiciosYa  and  Mashkady , among others). The purpose of Coopera is to contribute to the connection of supply with demand, with a strong innovative component.

Although the financial contribution is not within the services, thanks to our wide portfolio of clients and alliances with different organizations in the business and educational fields  Coopera Innovation Hub  offers entrepreneurs  the possibility  of connecting to a vast network of corporate clients.

One strength that this initiative offers to  startups  is to join an ecosystem formed around a benchmark company with more than 10 years in the market.

 At the same time, each project joining Coopera counts on mentorship and support. It provides benefits such as training, technical assistance, legal and notarial advice, in a wide and modern space in downtown Montevideo.

Shortly after starting its activity, the hub is already supporting three projects: Casaigual, Training and Floor, which seek innovative solutions for the fields of e-commerce, health and housing, respectively.

New talents

The commitment to innovation has been part of  Grupo RUA since the beginning. Currently, with more than 1 million services provided, we seek to deliver solutions for the digital transformation our clients are going through.

This allows us, among other things, to expand our core business by diversifying products and approaching other business lines.

In this context, the opportunity arises to create synergy between the corporate world and entrepreneurs as well as startups promoting innovative ideas.

Coopera is open to receive all projects with that profile. The initiatives may come from diverse industries such as fintech, which seeks to provide technological solutions for the financial sector,  insurtech , which aims to innovate in the insurance industry,  healthtech , which seeks to diversify solutions for the health sector,  security , focused on finding tools to security companies,  agrotech , which incorporates the latest technologies in rural activity, and renewable energies, among others.

With the creation of Coopera we strive to attract new talents with high performance profiles that help us keep to continue innovating within the group and bringing innovation not only into the market but also into the ecosystem of partner companies and clients since we understand that there are exponential technologies that can transform certain sectors through solutions or products.

We are convinced that through this synergy in which we link and articulate different actors such as clients, entrepreneurs, investors, and other types of organizations, we are able to promote and accelerate the productive and economic development of those who participate in the value chain.

Innovate as part of our DNA

Grupo RUA encourages an open innovation process, of which its employees feel part. The Open Innovation department works on internal mechanisms to encourage ideas to take shape, moving from thought to action. “We encourage everyone from their place to question the task they are carrying out and propose alternatives or ideas for improvement. This is how we maintain a constant innovation process ”, says Diego Sayanes, our CEO.

We invite you to visit the  full article  published in the newspaper El País.